Smashed Burger & Fries


Looking for a quick, delicious meal that won’t break the bank (or the belly)?
Look no further than our new Smashed Burger & Fries deal!

What is a smashed burger, you might ask? It’s a type of burger that’s made by smashing a 3oz ground beef patty onto a searing hot griddle, creating a juicy, flavourful interior with a caramelised exterior.

Now, you can enjoy our Smashed Burger and Fries every day – starting at just £7.95.

Not only are our Smashed Burgers delicious, they’re also customisable! You can add extra patties, cheese, bacon, tomato or gherkins. We’ve also brought back the Mac Daddy secret sauce.
Our super speedy service ensures your food is ready in no time, making it perfect for those on the go!

So why not treat yourself to a delicious Smashed Burger?